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 International Courier Services
 SkyEx International Couriers have a strong global presence with more offices in
 major cities in Asia than any other independent courier group.We are committed to
 providing the most reliable and direct express courier solutions possible,priding
 ourselves on being able to offer the latest pick-up times feasible and in many cases
 still offer quicker transit times than many of our competitors.Our network of
 international offices enables us to offer the most flexible and direct shipping routes
 ensuring the most efficient times within the industry.
 We employ the point to point strategy of distribution ensuring maximum efficiency
 and flexibility.The point-to-point structure is based on using a greater number of
 routes,with shipment being flown on the most direct flights possible.We negotiate
 rates directly from airlines allowing us to offer our clients highly competitive
 rates.Offering the right price for the most direct,flexible and efficient service is
 what sets us apart from our competitors
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